Dr. Jenn de Lugt

Associate Professor - Inclusive Education and Education Core Studies

Office: ED 239.1
E-mail: Jenn.deLugt@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4541
Fax: 306-585-4880

Research Interests

Recognizing the critical role mental health and well-being have in supporting, holistically, the needs of students, Jenn’s current teaching and research is focused on mental health promotion in school settings. Specifically, she is looking at the ways in which educative mental health programs in schools can advance mental health literacy, foster open dialogue, reduce stigma, and enhance the overall well-being of students, and the teachers who teach them. Advocating for change, Jenn believes schools are well positioned, through mental health promotional programming and initiatives, to support the mental health of children and youth through their schooling years and beyond.