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Dr. Kathleen T. Nolan

Mathematics Education

Office: ED 394
Phone: 306-585-4516
Fax: 306-585-4880

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, University of Regina. Dissertation: Shadowed by Light, Knowing by Heart: Preservice Teachers’ Images of Knowing (in) Math and Science. 2001.

Diploma in Education, Secondary Physics and Mathematics, McGill University.  1991.   

Master of Science, Physics, University of Toronto. Research Project: The Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation.  1987.

Bachelor of Science (Honors), Physics and Mathematics, Saint Mary’s University.  1985.

Related Teaching and Teacher Education Experience

2005 - Present : Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Regina, Regina, SK

2001-2005 : Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Regina, Regina, SK

1998-2000 : Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Education, University of Regina, Regina, SK   

1997 : Facilitator and Lead Teacher, Nova Scotia–Gambia Association, Gambia, West Africa

1997 : Adjunct Professor, Department of Mathematics, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS (University Extension Program in The Gambia, West Africa)   

1994-1997 : Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Nova Scotia Teachers College, Truro, NS

Courses taught in the past 5 years

Graduate courses

EC&I 804, Curriculum Development (face-to-face and fully online)
EC&I 867, Curriculum Development and Research in Mathematics Education
EC&I 868, Implications of Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics for Mathematics Teachers
ED 810 - EAHR 850, Qualitative Approaches to Educational Research
ED 910, Advanced Methods in Educational Research
ED 920, Doctoral Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Education

Undergraduate Courses

EMTH 350, Curriculum Content in Secondary Mathematics II
EMTH 317- EMTH 215, The Teaching and Learning of Middle Years Mathematics
EMTH 217- EMTH 290, Curricular Topics in Middle Years Mathematics

Research projects and interests

Current research focuses on mathematics teacher education, exploring issues of teacher identity; the regulatory practices of schooling, learning and knowing; theory-practice transitions in secondary mathematics teacher education; inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning mathematics; and disrupting notions of field experience supervision through video conferencing technologies and blended learning environments. Bourdieu's social field theory and theories of critical mathematics education feature prominently in this research, as do narrative and self-study methodologies. Past research endeavors include the role of play in science education, the integration of ICT into student internships, and pre-service teachers’ perceptions of alternative assessment in mathematics. Additional research interests include performative arts-based research methodologies and creative scholarly research-writing.

Graduate student research


C. Barber (MEd, Mathematics C&I), 2013 –
C. Youck-Cousins (MEd, Mathematics C&I), 2011 –
R. Kelsey (PhD, Education), 2011 –
T. Stuckless (PhD, Mathematics), 2005 –
S. Graham (MEd, Mathematics), completed, 2010
J. Giesbrecht (MEd, Science), completed, 2008
D. Pritchard (MEd, IT), completed, 2007


M. Morley (MEd, Mathematics and Technology), completed, 2007

Committee Member

K. Christiansen (MEd Health), 2009 –
M. Wernikowski (MEd, Science), completed, 2010
L. Friesen (MEd, IT), completed, 2007
P. Betts (PhD, Mathematics), completed, 2005
J. MacDonald (MEd, Science), completed, 2005
J. Boulton (MEd, Mathematics), completed, 2004

Publications, research reports, and presentations (last 5 years)


    de Freitas & Nolan, K. (Editors) (2008). Opening the Research Text: Critical Insights and In(ter)ventions into Mathematics Education. New York: Springer.

    Nolan, K. (2007). How Should I Know? Preservice Teachers’ Images of Knowing (by Heart) in Mathematics and Science. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

    Book Chapters

      Nolan, K. (2013). The heART of educational inquiry: Deconstructing the boundaries between research, knowing and representation. In A. Reid, P. Hart, & M. Peters (Eds.), Companion to research in education (pp. x – y). London: Springer.

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      Articles in Scholarly Refereed Journals

        Nolan, K., & Tupper, J. (2013). ‘Field’ trips with Bourdieu: Making sense as research methodology in teacher education. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJHSS), 6(3), 11-19.

        Nolan, K. (2012). Dispositions in the field: Viewing mathematics teacher education field experiences through the lens of Bourdieu’s social field theory. Educational Studies in Mathematics (ESM), [Special Issue on Contemporary Theory, edited by T. Brown & M. Walshaw], 80 (1/2), 201-215. DOI: 10.1007/s10649-011-9355-9.

        Nolan, K., & Walshaw, M. (2012). Playing the game: A Bourdieuian perspective of pre-service inquiry teaching. Teaching Education, 23(4), 345-363.

        Nolan, K. (2011). Pausing to relate and participate: A review of Mathematical Relationships in Education. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 76(2), 231-235.

        Nolan, K. (2009). Mathematics in and through social justice: Another misunderstood marriage? Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 12(3), 205-216.

        Community Service

          Math on the Move (MOTM), provincial outreach activity-based school workshops

          Aboriginal Perspectives in Mathematics, provincial outreach activity-based school workshops

          Volunteer with Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP)

          CCODP representative on the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC)

          Participant in community charity fund-raising sporting events:

          • YMCA Road Race
          • MS Bike Tour-Regina/Waskesiu
          • Queen City marathon
          • CIBC Run for the Cure
          • Santa Shuffle for the Salvation Army