Dr. Nathalie Reid

Director, Child Trauma Research Centre

Office: ED 370
E-mail: nathalie.reid@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4543
Fax: 306-585-4880

Research Interests

My concurrent role as the Director, Child Trauma Research Centre supports me to engage with a wide variety of research interests. I continue to draw from my doctoral research in relation with teachers’ experiences of and with trauma/ trauma-sensitivity, through thinking with teacher education, policy and program development, and teacher retention. Additionally, I am engaged with trauma-sensitive pedagogies, narrative understandings of trauma, mental health and connectivity in rural and remote communities, child trauma and climate change, and understanding child and youth well-being in Saskatchewan.


Academic Qualifications

PhD, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, 2019
Dissertation: Teachers’ Experiences of/with Trauma and Trauma-Sensitivity: A Narrative Inquiry into Trauma Stories and Stories of Trauma

Master of Education, Faculty of Education, St. Francis Xavier, 2007
University Curriculum Development
Thesis:  Fish Tales - A Hermeneutic Narrative Exploration of the Multi-Layered Texture of Death

Bachelor of Education, Queen’s University, 2001
Honours Bachelor of Arts, Queen’s University
Concurrent Education Program


Related Teaching Experience

Winter 2020
ESST 317 - Teaching Engaged Citizenship: Social Studies and Social/Environmental Activism

Winter 2019
Faculty Supervisor, King’s University, Edmonton, AB 

2015 - 2019        
Citizenship Education Research Project - Dr. Carla Peck
Historical Thinking Research Project - Dr. Lindsay Gibson
Understanding the Interactions Between Early Career Teachers and Families - Dr. Janice Huber
International Mentor for UNESCO’s International Global Citizenship Virtual Town Hall and White Paper 2017

2001 - 2013         
High School Teacher in 4 schools in 3 provinces
Taught: English, French, Social Studies, History, Musical Theatre Drama