Dr. Larry Steeves

Associate Professor
Educational Leadership

Office: ED 395
E-mail: Larry.Steeves@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4798
Fax: 306-585-4880

Research interests
Upon joining the Faculty of Education in 2007, initial areas of research interest included accountability frameworks, educational investment and student learning, aboriginal education, school size and learning outcomes, and protection for minority faith education adherents. Since that time, research related to First Nations and Métis education has become an important focus. Examples include service as Principal Investigator for the research project, Seeking their Voices. This has resulted in a further research project, Indigenous leadership for Improved Indigenous Student Learning: Perspectives from the Field that, in conjunction with colleagues from Northern Arizona University, is currently underway.

Another area of interest relates to human resource management and, more specifically, leadership development programs. These research areas evolved in response to requests from the Saskatchewan educational administration community that program development in these areas were necessary. Examples of research/development include a Human Resource Graduate Certificate and research regarding teacher recruitment and retention, particularly in First Nations and northern Saskatchewan communities.

A final area of research focus has been the consideration of blended/online instruction. My involvement in online instruction has led to action research related to blended instruction. This work is ongoing.