Dr. Andrea Sterzuk

Associate Vice-President, Research (Interim)
Professor - Language and Literacy Education

Office: Research Office, CK 227
E-mail: AVP.Research@uregina.ca / Andrea.Sterzuk@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-337-2341
Fax: 306-585-4893
Website: http://andreasterzuk.com/

Research Interests

I work in the area of critical applied linguistics. My research tends to examine issues of power, identity and language in education. My previous research projects have explored language variation in elementary schools; English-only ideology in higher education; language planning and policy in higher education and the development of language beliefs in pre-service teachers. I'm currently involved in collaborative research projects in the area of language reclamation.


Academic Qualifications

PhD, Second Language Education, Interdisciplinary Language Acquisition Program, McGill University, 2007

MA, Second Language Education, McGill University, 2003

BEd, French Immersion Education, University of Regina, 1997