Dr. S. Anthony Thompson

Associate Professor
Educational Psychology

Office: ED 331
E-mail: Santhony.Thompson@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4678
Fax: 306-585-4880

Research interests
Dr. Thompson has researched broadly in the field on Inclusive Education; his work is largely informed by alternative understandings of dis/ablement. Dr. Thompson has conducted inclusive educational research in classroom settings, but also in larger areas such as disability policy through the Canadian Disability Policy Alliance (CDPA). Dr. Thompson is currently involved in a pan-Canadian study of teacher education and inclusive education. Recently, Dr. Thompson has become interested in arts-based research approaches and inclusive education.

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Education (Centre for the Study of Curriculum & Instruction) 2002
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Master's of Science of Applied Psychology, 1992
Saint Mary's University

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), 1986
Saint Mary's University
Major: Psychology

Related Teaching and Teacher Education Experience

Associate Professor
, University of Regina (Inclusive/Special Education, Educational Psychology)

Assistant Professor, University of Regina

Consultant for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Courses taught in the past

Graduate Courses

EPSY 829         Ethics in the Helping Professions
EPSY 835         Practicing Disability: Telling Tales in Education and Psychology
ED 800             Introduction to Educational Research
As a Visiting Scholar at Acadia University...
EDUC5053    Dis/abling Culture or En/abling Ability: Autism in Classroom and Community

Directed Studies (Doctoral Courses)

ED 890             Advanced Studies in Inclusive Education: Service Delivery Alternatives to Support Students with Disabilities/Exceptionalities and their Teachers
ED 809             Program Evaluation in Inclusive/Special Education
EC&I 890BP     Creating Success for Gifted and Talented Students in the Regular Classroom
EPSY890AI       Creating Respect for Disability as Difference in the Elementary Classroom

Graduate Workshops

As a visiting scholar at Ohio State University...
ASC 800        Graduate Workshop in Disability Studies: A Queer Circle of Friends Indeed- The School Social as Intervention or Movement

Undergraduate Courses

EPSY 322       Introduction to Students with Special Needs
EPSY 323       Designing Learning Environments for Students with Special Needs
EPSY 329       Enhancing Classroom Management: Students with Special Needs
EPSY 330       Students with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
EPSY 332AA    Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support
EPSY 490AA   Working with Diversity and Difference
EPSY332AD    International Perspectives on Intellectual Disability and Inclusive Education (in conjunction with IASSID)
EMTH 335      Curriculum and Instruction: Mathematics in Elementary Assessment and Remediation 

Directed Studies (Undergraduate Course)

EPSY 332AB Cognitive Strategy Instruction, Schema-Based Instruction and Other Metacognitive Strategies for Students with Learning and Developmental Disabilities in Secondary and Elementary Mathematics

Regularly contribute to

ECS 100 Education Core Studies

Research projects and interests

Mary Ann McColl, Queen’s University (Principal Investigator)
University Partners: Alice Aiken, Jerome Bickenbach, Will Boyce,  Audrey Kobayashi, Kathleen Norman, Helene Ouellette-Kuntz (Queen’s University); Lyn Jongbloed (UBC); Mary Law (McMaster University); Vianne Timmons, Scott A. Thompson (University of Regina) (2009-2014)
Project: Disability Policy Alliance: Learning Collaborative and Equity Coalition (Funded for $1,000,000)

Thompson, S.A. & Aylward, L. (2008-2012).
SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada)
Project: Disabling Inclusive Education: Enabling Theory and Practice from the Ground Up (Funded for $75,751)

Thompson, S.A. (2008).
SIDRU (Saskatchewan Instructional Development and Research Unit)  
Project: Evaluation of “A Campus for All”: A Program Designed to Improve Access to Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disablilties (Funded for $7,500)

Thompson, S.A. & Cherland, M. (2007).
SIDRU (Saskatchewan Instructional Development and Research Unit)
Project: Enabling Inclusive Teacher Education through Disabling Theory (Funded for $3,500)

Thompson, S.A. (2007).
Sask Learning: Children's Services
Project: Applied Behavior Analysis: Standards of Practice, General Guidelines and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Canada (Funded for $4,800)

Thompson, S.A., Howell-Dalziel, K., &  Ford, L. (2006).
Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching Inc.

Cognitive Strategy Instruction, Strategic Content Learning and Other Metacognitive Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Multi-Site Action Research Project (Funded for $5,063)

Publications, research reports, and presentations

Refereed Journal Articles

Thompson, SA. (2012). Thrice disabling disability: Enabling inclusive, socially just teacher education. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 16 (1), pp. 99-117.

Thompson, SA. (2012). A queer circle of friends, indeed! The school social as intervention or as movement.  International Journal of Inclusive Education, 16, (10), pp. 985-1000.  [Published online in Article First in 2011]

Lyons, W. and Thompson, S.A. (2011). Guided reading in inclusive middle years classrooms. Intervention in School and Clinic.

Thompson, S.A., Aylward, L.,  & Cummings-Vickaryous, B. (2010). The Autism Blogosphere:  Connecting or Creating Culture? Exploring the World of ‘Aspies,’ ‘Auties’ and ‘NTs.’ Published as part of a CD for the Canadian Disability Studies Association Congress 2010.  (pp. 1-18).

Thompson, S.A., and Baumgartner, L. (2008). Timely or time-consuming empowerment? Exploring portfolios in the elementary classroom with students with disabilities/ exceptionalities. Exceptionality Education Canada, 18, (2 & 3), 184-165. Available online at: http://ejournals.library.ualberta.ca/index.php/eei/article/viewFile/4502/3639

Howell-Dalziel, K., Grismer, L., and Thompson, S.A. (2008). Exploring Cognitive Strategy Instruction (CSI), Schema-based Instruction (SBI) and Strategic Content Learning (SCL) with students with learning and developmental disabilities in higher-order mathematics.  (Final Report: Project 158). McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching Inc., Saskatoon: SK. (pp. 1-54). Available: http://www.mcdowellfoundation.ca/main_mcdowell/projects/research_rep/158-exploring_sbi_scl.pdf (404 KB) PDF

Thompson, S.A. (2007). A community just for practice: A case study of school/community collaboration in inclusive/special education. Canadian Journal of Education, 30 (1), 171-192. Available online at: http://www.csse-scee.ca/CJE/Articles/FullText/CJE30-1/CJE30-1-Thompson.pdf (295 KB) PDF

Essay and Book Reviews

Thompson, SA. (2011). Commentary on Rosa’s Story. In Porter , G.L. & Smith, D.I. (Eds.)

Exploring Inclusive Educational Practices Through Professional Inquiry. (pp. 222-223)
Thompson, SA. (2011). Commentary on One of My Greatest Challenges. In Porter , G.L. & Smith, D.I. (Eds.) Exploring Inclusive Educational Practices Through Professional Inquiry. (pp. 59-60).

Thompson, S.A. (2010). Essay Review of Scot Danforth’s “The Incomplete Child: An Intellectual History of Learning Disabilities.” Canadian Journal of Education, 3(3), 665-673. Available: http://www.csse-scee.ca/CJE/Articles/FullText/CJE33-3/CJE33-3-Review-Thompson.pdf (214 KB) PDF

Thompson, S.A. (2005). The diversity re-invention tour: An essay review of "Classroom Behaviour Management for Diverse and Inclusive Schools" by Herbert Grossman. Canadian Journal of Education, 28 (1-2), 203-209.  Available online: http://www.csse-scee.ca/CJE/Articles/FullText/CJE28-1-2/CJE28-1-2-review-essay.pdf (174 KB) PDF

Commissioned Academic Reports

Thompson, S.A. (2009). An Evaluation of A Campus For All An Inclusive Post Secondary Education Program at the University of Regina. Report prepared for Regina and District Association for Community Living, Campus for All (University of Regina) and People First of Regina through Saskatchewan Instruction Development and Research Unit (SIDRU) Regina SK. (pp. 1-53)

Thompson, S.A. (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis: Standards of Practice, General Guidelines and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Report prepared for Sask Learning Children’s Services. Regina SK. (pp. 1-47).