Dr. Brittany Tomin

Assistant Professor - Secondary English Education (High School)

Office: ED 373
E-mail: Brittany.Tomin@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-5504
Fax: 306-585-4880


Ph.D. (2021), York University, Faculty of Education
Science Fiction, Radical Democracy, and World Building: A Pedagogy of Unknowable Futures

M.Ed. (2017), York University, Faculty of Education
Engaging with the Present by Exploring the Future: Critical Potential of Science Fiction in Education

B.Ed. (2015), Queen’s University, Faculty of Education
Queen’s-Trent Concurrent Education Program

Ontario Certified Teacher (665453): Intermediate and Senior Divisions, English and Visual Arts (Grades 7-12); Senior Division, Social Sciences – General (Grades 11-12); Junior Division (Grades 4-6); Special Education, Part 1 (General)

Hon. B.A. (2014), Trent University
Joint Major in English Literature and Cultural Studies (Image, Sound, and Performance)


Research Interests

My research interests include: Secondary English Language Arts, Writing, and Literature; Storytelling (Collaborative, Experimental, Youth-driven); Critical Theory; Science Fiction and Speculative Pedagogies; Radical Democracy, Agency, and Citizenship; and Teacher Education and Professional Development. My work is situated within curriculum studies and explores how narratives of the future are socially constructed within schools and, contrasting narrow notions of change and progress, how speculative storytelling and pedagogy can help us imagine - and potentially realize - different futures in uncertain times. Additional areas of research and interest include digital storytelling, research-creation, and ethics.


Select Publications

Lotherington, H., Boreland, T., Thumlert, K., & Tomin, B. (2021). Redesigning for mobile plurilingual futures. Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) Journal, 11. 141-172. Special Issue: Multiliteracies and Plurilingual Pedagogies in the 21st Century: Critical Responses to the New London Group’s ‘A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies.’ https://doi.org/10.18192/olbij.v11i1.6179 (Released March 2022)

Tomin, B. (2021). Speculative pedagogies: Envisioning change in teacher education. Citizenship Teaching and Learning, 16(2), 241-50. Special Issue: Citizenship in Times of Pandemic. https://doi.org/10.1386/ctl_00060_1 (Released November 2021)

Tomin, B., & Jenson, J. (2020). Practicing critical literacy: Exploring science fictional futures with secondary students. In L. Hass & J. Tussey (Eds.), Disciplinary literacy connections to popular culture in K-12 settings.  IGI Global.

Tomin, B. (2020). Worlds in the making: World building, hope, and collaborative uncertainty. Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, 14(1). https://doi.org/10.14288/jaaacs.v14i1.192633

Thumlert, K., Smith, B., Hébert, C., & Tomin, B. (2020). Space is the place: Pre-service teachers re/map cartographic landscapes. Digital Culture & Education, 12(1), 52-71. https://www.digitalcultureandeducation.com/volume-12