Dr. Jennifer Tupper

Associate Professor - Social Studies Education
Dean, Faculty of Education

Office: ED 309
E-mail: Jennifer.Tupper@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4500
Fax: 306-585-5330

Research interests
Anti-Colonial and anti-oppressive approaches to teaching and learning; citizenship education; treaty education; reconciliation education.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Secondary Education, University of Alberta, November, 2004.

Master of Arts in Education, Department of Curriculum Studies, University of British Columbia, 1998.

Bachelor of Education with distinction, University of Alberta, 1994.

Teacher Education Experience

July 2014 to present

Faculty of Education
University of Regina

July 2011 to June 2014

Associate Dean
Faculty Development and Human Resources
Faculty of Education, University of Regina

July 2008 to present

Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
University of Regina

July 2004 to June 2008

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education
University of Regina

Courses taught

EC&I 804 - Curriculum Development

EC&I 924 - Doctoral Seminar in Curriculum Theory

EFDN 308 - Gender and Education

ESST 300 - Social Studies Curriculum

ESST 350 - Social Studies Methods

ESST 317 - Teaching for a Life of Engaged Citizenship

ECCU 490 - Intercultural Approaches to Education

ED 816 - Narrative Approaches to Research

Research & Scholarly Activities


Stirling McDowell Foundation Award, 2016-2017 ($19,933). High School Teachers Working Towards Reconciliation: Examining the Teaching and Learning of Residential Schools (co-investigator).

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Grant, 2016-2020 ($263,713). Aboriginal Perspectives at the Cultural Interface: Researching the Interventions, (co-researcher).

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Insight Development Grant, 2011-2014 ($67,909). Storying Treaties and the Treaty Relationship: Digital Storytelling to Enhance Treaty Education, (co-researcher).

SSHRC 4A Award, Office of Research Services, University of Regina, 2011-2013 ($5000). Treaty Education for Justice Oriented Citizenship.

Presidents' Research Grant, 2010 ($5000.00). Preparing Beginning Teachers for Treaty Education.

SSHRC Grant, 2006-2009 ($117, 574) Principal Investigator: 21st Century Citizens: High School Students Understandings and Experiences of Citizenship.

Presidents' Research Grant, 2006-2007 ($5000.00). High School Students Understandings and Experiences of Citizenship.

SIDRU Grant, 2006-2007 ($5000.00). Principal Investigator: (Re)Visions of Social Studies: Reflections on Learning to Teach.

TEL Grant, 2005-2006 ($32,000). Intercultural Approaches to Teaching and Learning On-Line Course Development.

SIDRU Research Contract, 2005-2006. Teaching Treaties in the Classroom: Identifying and Assessing Best Practices (Aborignal Education Research Grant, Saskatchewan Learning).

Selected Publications

Hildebrandt, K., Lewis, P., Kreuger, C., Naytowhow, J., Tupper, J., Couros, A., & Montgomery, K. (2016). Digital Storytelling for Historical Understanding: Treaty Education for Reconciliation. Journal of Social Science Education, 15(1), 7-16. DOI 10.4119/UNIBI/jsse-v15-i1-1432

Tupper, J. (2015). Aboriginal-Canadian relations: Curricular possibilities for reconciliation and Peacebuilding (pp. 46-62). In R. Amster, L. Finley, E. Pries & R. McCutcheon (Eds.), Peace Studies: Between Tradition and Innovation. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Tupper, J. (2015). Curricular Spaces of Renewal: Towards Reconciliation. In H. Smits & R. Naqvi (Eds.). Framing Peace: Thinking About and Enacting Curriculum as “Radical Hope” (97-110). New York: Peter Lang.

Tupper, J. (2014). Social Media and the Idle No More Movement: Citizenship, Activism and Dissent in Canada. Journal of Social Science Research..13(4), 87-94.

Tupper, J. (2014). The possibilities of reconciliation through difficult dialogues: Treaty education as peacebuilding. Curriculum Inquiry, 44(4), 469-488.

Couros, A., Lewis, P., Montgomery, K., Tupper, J., Hildebrandt, K. & Naytowhow, J. (2013). Storying treaties and the treaty relationship: Enhancing treaty education through digital storytelling. International Review of Qualitative Research, 6(4), 544-558.

Nolan, K. & Tupper, J. (2013).  ‘Field’ Trips with Bourdieu: Making Sense as Research Methodology in Teacher Education. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(6).

Tupper, J. (2013). “Canada Has No History of Colonialism”: Treaty 4 and Teacher Education at the University of Regina. In L. Thomas (Ed.), What is Canadian About Teacher Education?: Canadian Association of Teacher Education Prospectus (113-129). CATE/ACFE.

Tupper, J.  (2012). Treaty Education for Ethically Engaged Citizenship.  Citizenship Teaching and Learning, 7(2), 143-156.

Tupper, J. & Cappello, M. (2012). (Re)Creating Citizens: Saskatchewan high school students’ understanding of the ‘good’ citizen. Journal of Curriculum Studies. 44(1), pp. 37-60.

Tupper, J. (2011). Preparing Beginning Teachers for Treaty Education.  In Education. 17(3).

Tupper, J., Cappello, M. & Sevigny, P. (2010).  Locating citizenship: Curriculum, social class and the ‘good’ citizen. Theory and Research in Social Education.  38(3), pp.  336-365.

Tupper, J. (2009).  Unsafe water, stolen sisters & social studies: Troubling democracy and the meta-narrative of universal citizenship.  Teacher Education Quarterly, 36(1), 77-94.

Lewis, P. J. & Tupper, J. (Eds.) (2009). Challenges Bequeathed: Taking up the Challenges of Dwayne Huebner.  Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. 

Tupper, J. & Cappello, M. (2008).  Teaching Treaties as (Un)Usual Narratives: Disrupting the Curricular Commonsense.  Curriculum Inquiry 38(5), pp. 559-578.

Graduate student support

External Examiner

Doctoral Defense: Ms. Nancy Peters, PhD. Candidate, University of Saskatchewan
Title: Learning for More Just Relationships: A Narrative Inquiry of Transformation in White Settlers
Defense Date:  March 6, 2015

Doctoral Defense: Ms. Wenbei Zhou, PhD. Candidate, University of Calgary
Title: Experiences and Perceptions of Immigrant Parents: Understanding Explanations for Children’s Participation in Out-of-School Activities
Defense Date:  April 14, 2014

Doctoral Defense: Ms. Louise Gonsalvez, PhD. Candidate, University of Windsor
Title: Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Address the Gaps, Exclusions and Oversights in Active Citizenship Education.
Defense Date: June 14, 2013

Doctoral Defense: Ms. Jennifer Tinkham, PhD. Candidate, University of Alberta
Title: That’s not my history? Examining the role of personal counter-narratives in decolonizing Canadian history for Mi’kmaw students.
Defense Date: August 13, 2013

Doctoral Defence, Ms. Christina Parker, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.
Title: Inclusion in Peacebuilding Education: Discussion of Diversity and Conflict as Learning Opportunities for Immigrant Students.
Defended September 12, 2012.

Masters Defence, Ms. Alexandra Bissel, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University, Building bridges in indigenizing education: Digital narratives as a means of shifting non-Indigenous teacher horizons towards relationality. Defended April, 2015.

Masters Defence, Ms. Toni Jestadt, Educational Psychology, University of Regina, Thesis: Body Image:  Complexity and Conflict Within the Classroom Teacher. Defended February 4, 2013.

Masters Defence, Mr.Jeffrey Redekop, Educational Psychology, University of Regina, Thesis: Construct and Criterion-Related Validity of the Family Impact of Disability Assessment. Defended April, 2011.

Doctoral Supervision


Jody Burnett, defended July 5, 2012
Dissertation: Betting on Balance: A Narrative Inquiry of Aboriginal Problem Gamblers.
(IPHR/NAHO funded study)


Tana Mitchell, defended November 15, 2013
Dissertation: Problematizing Racialism: Exploring the Complexities of Racialization and the Structuring Forces of Whiteness in the Lived Experiences of High School Social Studies.

Masters Supervision


Nicole Strandlund, defended December 11, 2014
Thesis: The March of Remembrance and Hope: Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice Activism


Heather Findlay, defended April 2014
Thesis: Just a Pepper in a Bunch of Salt: Aboriginal Students’ Stories of School
*Winner of the SSBA Graduate Student Thesis Award


Krista Allen, defended February 2013 (SSHRC funded study)
Thesis: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Couples in Intercultural Relationships


Tana Mitchell, defended March 2007
Thesis: Constructing Engagement in a Social Studies Classroom