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Student Services Centre Staff

Student Services Centre



Associate Dean,
Student Services and Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Pamela Osmond-Johnson
Leadership Team Assistant / Special Events & Projects Wanneta Martin
Manager Nicole Glas
Academic Program Advisor - Undergraduate Darci McDonald
Academic Program Advisor - Undergraduate January Hutchison
Program Assistant Rhonda Trakalo
Program Assistant Shauna Beylefeld
Associate Dean,
Research & Graduate Programs in Education
Dr Twyla Salm
Research and Graduate Program Facilitator Tania Gates
Research and Graduate Program Coordinator Linda (Ling) Jiang
Administrative Assistant – Graduate Students Angela Kampert
Program Assistant - Graduate Danielle Myers
Faculty Administrator Rochelle Fenwick
Senior Financial Assistant Paddy Dishington
Financial Assistant/Room Bookings Lindsay Perez
Communications Officer and Publications Manager Shuana Niessen