Internationally Educated Teachers

Internationally Educated Teachers – Certificate Program

To assist you in your journey to receive Teacher Certification in Saskatchewan, the University of Regina offers a Certificate for Internationally Educated Teachers.  The Certificate honours and builds upon prior training, knowledge, and experiences and serves as a pathway to teacher certification. The programming allows Internationally Educated Teachers to gain teaching experience within the Saskatchewan K-12 context and provides multiple opportunities to grow professionally and network with Saskatchewan educators, administrators, and school division leaders.

Program Outline for Certificate for Internationally Educated Teachers 

Academic Advising

Do you have questions about whether this program is right for you? Our Academic Advisors are available to discuss program options, assist with course selections and answer your questions.

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Online application and deadline dates located on U of R website

Scholarship for Internationally Educated Teachers

The UofR Faculty of Education Dean's Scholarship is awarded annually for more information contact or refer to 

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