Internationally Educated Teachers

To begin your journey to receive Teacher Certification in Saskatchewan, the University of Regina welcomes you and will work with you individually to select specific courses and field experiences (practicum) based on your needs, skills and interests. Your individual pathway to Teacher Certification in Saskatchewan will provide multiple opportunities for you to grow professionally and to network with Saskatchewan educators, administrators, and school division leaders.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Academic Advising appointment

  • Meet with an Academic Advisor to assist with course selections and answer questions.
  • Schedule a phone or in person appointment refer to UR Advising Appointment.       
  1. Admissions
  • Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) letter:
    The letter from SPTRB and authorization from Faculty of Education will be used as basis of admission.
  • Transcripts: Transcripts will not be required given that you are completing requirements for a Saskatchewan Teaching Certificate as outlined in SPTRB letter.
  • University Admissions may request proof of language proficiency. If this is the case, they will contact you directly as to the details.  For more information refer to language proficiency requirements
  1. Step to Apply for Admission
  • Online application and deadline dates located on U of R website
  • Go to: Online Applications and create log in account.
    Then Choose:    Application Level: Undergraduate
                              Application Type: College/University Student
                              Planned Program of Study/Campus: UofR
                              Planned Program of Study: Special (Current Teacher Only) - Faculty of Education


 Scholarship for Internationally Educated Teachers

  • The UofR Faculty of Education Dean's Scholarship is awarded annually based on the following criteria:
    • Enrolled in the Faculty of Education as an Education Special student or in one of the Certificate programs offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Education
    • Who are an Internationally Educated Teacher (IET) who has a Bachelor of Education or equivalent teaching degree from a country other than Canada
    • Not currently meeting teacher certification requirements in Saskatchewan
    • Required to complete a minimum 9 credit hours to gain teacher certification in Saskatchewan as outlined in the letter from SPTRB (Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board)
    • Registered and remains registered in a minimum of 3.0 credit hours the semester the award is presented
    • Financial need will be considered and selection will be based on UGPA (Undergraduate Grade Point Average)
    • For more information contact
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