Our Philosophy

The Teacher Education Programs at the University of Regina's Faculty of Education are seeking teacher candidates who are interested and/or committed to learning and embracing the principles and practice of our programs. Our aim is to help teacher candidates to become excellent teachers who continue to learn and develop through professional inquiry and reflective practice. Social justice, diversity and equity are core principles of the program. We are committed to making the world a better place for everyone through education. Although the themes and issues of social justice, diversity and equity are explicitly focused on within Core Studies courses (e.g., ECS 110), all courses take up and integrate these principles.

In formal education contexts across Canada, and no longer only in the largest urban centres, educators are faced with a swelling demographic imperative, that is, they find themselves trying to sustain identities of teaching for justice, equity and sustainability in the midst of conspicuous and increasing disparities of educational opportunities, resources and achievement among groups of children, youth and adults whose lives and backgrounds are often very different from their own, racially, culturally, linguistically, economically and geographically (Faculty of Education Criteria Document, 2010, p. 3).

Our teacher education programs are invested in the work of anti-oppressive education and making the educational experience for all children and youth equitable and just.

Meaningful, Exciting Teacher Education

In today's schools, learning is beyond the classroom. The same is true of teacher education. You will spend time in the classroom, but you will also learn in varied environments through diverse experiences such as:

  • Extensive field-based experiences in each year of the program
  • Off-campus experiences where you'll learn in places away from the University
  • Internship seminars where you'll work with teachers and other student colleagues

Because you will take most of your education courses with the same group of students, you will build life-long friendships. You will also build lasting relationships with the faculty members and staff, who are accessible, approachable and committed to supporting and helping you throughout your program.