1. What is the deadline to apply?

You may apply by February 15th for all Master's programs and the PhD program to begin your studies the following Fall term. You can also apply by October 15th for all programs except the Educational Psychology or PhD programs to start in the Winter term. You may apply online at any time, but applications are not reviewed until after the deadlines.

2. How do I know what I should apply for?

Choosing a program of study can be difficult! We suggest that you:

  • Determine your academic and/or professional goals;
  • Connect with faculty with whom you are interested in studying (Faculty Directory);
  • Connect with someone working in the field in which you're interested;
  • Make an appointment with our Academic Advisor. Appointments can be booked online here
3. How do I apply?

First, read the How to Apply Guide. PDF
Applications are submitted online through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Click here to apply online.

4. What are "official" transcripts?

Information about "official" transcripts can be found here.

5. What do I need if I am an International Student?

Please review the FGSR's Eligibility and Application Procedure.

Please note that International students may not apply to the Master's certificate programs.

6. What are the academic requirements for programs in the Faculty of Education?

All applicants must meet the admission standards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). In addition, the Faculty of Education requires the following:

  • the applicant must have a four-year degree applicable to the program (normally a BEd, BHRD, or BAEd, or equivalent);
  • at least two years of teaching or other relevant professional experience (preferred);
  • a minimum grade point average of 70%.

Admission is ALWAYS subject to availability of space and supervision.

7. Do I need to contact Faculty before submitting my application?

While it is not required, we recommend you contact our Faculty members if you are applying to a Thesis route or the PhD program. Your chances of acceptance into a program are higher if you apply with a Faculty member who is willing to supervise you.

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