PhD Degree Program

Mentored PhD Program in Education

The PhD is awarded in recognition of the highest degree of creative scholarship and research in a specific field of study. The recipient of this degree must have demonstrated proficiency in a broad area of learning, the ability to critically evaluate work in the field and high scholarly attainment. The degree is not awarded solely for completing a prescribed number of courses or for having studied for any specific period, but for having undertaken and completed independent work in the area of study leading to original and significant contribution to knowledge.

The PhD in Education is designed to prepare educational leaders with knowledge and expertise in educational theory and practice, and more specialized knowledge in one of the following areas:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Psychology
  • Adult Education
    Some specialized areas of theory and practice within the field of adult education include:
    • lifelong learning
    • adult basic education
    • community based learning & engagement, distance education
    • adult & family literacy, intergenerational learning
    • professional & continuing education, workplace learning
    • comparative education
    • post-secondary education
    • social advocacy/action or labour education
  • Human Resource Development
    Some specialized areas of theory and practice within the field of human resource development include:
    • Organizational development
    • Professional & career development
    • Workplace learning & employee development
    • Strategic & scenario planning
    • Diversity leadership & training
    • Crisis management
    • Succession planning

This is a mentored program so students enter the program under the mentorship/supervision of a specific faculty member who will guide the student's academic development. The mentor will facilitate the development of the student and the integration and assimilation of the student into the academic community.

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FGSR Online Application Process

The application deadline for the PhD in Education program is February 15 each year for Fall term (September) admission. In addition to the Faculty of Education's application requirements all applicants must also meet the admission standards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR). Admission is ALWAYS subject to availability of space and supervision.