Interim CERCD Director

Dr. Dr. Marc Spooner is a Professor in the Faculty of EducationUniversity of Regina, and the  Interim Director of the Centre for Educational Research, Collaboration, and Development (CERCD). He specializes in qualitative and participatory action research at the intersections of theory and action-on-the-ground. His interests include: homelessness & poverty, “audit culture” & the effects of neoliberalization & corporatization on higher education, and social justice, activism, & participatory democracy. He has published in a variety of venues including peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, government reports, and popularizations. He is recognized by the Canadian Senate as an expert in homelessness and has been the principal investigator for several research studies on homelessness funded by federal and municipal governments.

If you would like to know more about CERCD and our services, please visit the CERCD website or contact Dr. Spooner at or 306-585-5607.