CERCD Director

Dr. Andrea Sterzuk is a Professor of language and literacies education in the Faculty of EducationUniversity of Regina, and the Director of the Centre for Educational Research, Collaboration, and Development (CERCD). The value Dr. Sterzuk has for educational research is evident in her own scholarship as well as the work she does to support educational researchers locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. She maintains an active profile as a researcher in the area of critical applied linguistics. Her research projects focus broadly on issues of power, identity and language, particularly as they relate to settler colonialism. The recipient of internal and external research funding, she has experience with quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods and Indigenous research methodologies. Her commitment to sharing research knowledge has resulted in numerous publications, presentations, collaborations and invited keynotes locally, nationally and abroad. More recently, she has also experimented with other forms of knowledge mobilization including a documentary-style video; presentations at community conferences; non-academic publications, and media and YouTube interviews. Through her research, she has facilitated the training of highly qualified educational researchers and engaged in research projects designed to understand and improve the local conditions of language in relation to broader social formations.

If you would like to know more about CERCD and our services, please visit the CERCD website 
https://cercd.ca or contact Dr. Sterzuk at andrea.sterzuk@uregina.ca or 306-585-5607.