Emergency Plans & Guides

Student Safety Guides

The U of R’s Student Safety Guide explains the different emergencies students may encounter on campus and how to prepare and respond to those emergencies. Guides are available in the following languages:

Emergency Management

  • Emergency Management Plan
    The U of R’s Emergency Management Plan (472 KB)Adobe Acrobat Reader icon provides the framework to ensure that the University is prepared to deal with such incidents. The Emergency Management Plan is based on the elements of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. 
  • Emergency Management Policy GOV-100-017
    The Emergency Management Policy outlines the reasons for the policy and identifies the responsibilities of all faculty and staff concerning emergency management.
  • Fire Prevention and Response
    The Fire Safety Manual (116 KB)Adobe Acrobat Reader icon identifies fire training, as well as the responsibilities and procedures to follow during a fire drill and fire alarm.  How to respond to a fire alarm and how to evacuate buildings is found in the Emergency Preparedness Information Sheet for Academic Staff (74 KB)Adobe Acrobat Reader icon.  
  • Emergency Closure
    The emergency closure procedures was listed in Appendix 3 of the previous Emergency Management Plan. A link to the new emergency closure procedures will be linked to here when a new document is prepared.

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Guides

  • Employee Safety Orientation Guide
    The  Employee Safety Orientation Guide (3.3 MB)Document provides an overview of the health and safety policies and practices at the University of Regina. Individual departments or research laboratories may have their own procedures for handling specific operations or hazards.
  • BioSafety
    Work with biohazardous material requires specialized training, procedures and infrastructure, in order to comply with provincial and federal regulations.  Information about biosafety hazards is available in HR’s Health, Safety and Environment section.  
  • Chemical & Laboratory Safety
    The University’s  Hazardous Materials Management Policy (293 KB)Adobe Acrobat Reader icon and  Chemical and Laboratory Safety Program (CLSP) (1.59 MB) Adobe Acrobat Reader icon sets standards and procedures for the safe use, storage and disposal of these products throughout the University, as well as procedures and guidance on safe laboratories practices and equipment.
  • Infection Control Plan
    The  Infection Control Plan (232 KB) Adobe Acrobat Reader icon outlines the responsibilities for ensuring the safety of all those participating in activities involving potential exposures to infectious agents.
  • Radiation Safety
    The University's  Radiation Safety Program  (3.62 MB) Adobe Acrobat Reader icon commits the University to meeting or exceeding all legislative requirements for radioactive materials.