All of the undergraduate engineering programs at the University of Regina are fully accredited.

In Canada, the engineering accreditation process is carried out by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) under the umbrella of Engineers Canada, the national engineering licensing body.

Accreditation is a detailed process whereby the curriculum of an engineering program, its delivery, and the faculty members delivering it are reviewed and its teaching facilities (such as undergraduate laboratories) are inspected by specially-trained senior engineers from industry and from other Canadian universities’ engineering programs. These reviewers are selected for their expertise in the field of engineering taught in the program under review. 

Accredited engineering programs routinely undergo this process to ensure the quality of the education being offered to undergraduate engineering students meets with the requirements to become a licensed professional. Graduating from an accredited program enables a student to register with a provincial licensing body as an Engineer-in-Training without writing a number of certification exams that would otherwise be required (although some exams, such as the ethics exam, are still required).