Yili (Kelly) Tang

Assistant Professor, Environmental Systems Engineering

Office: ED 481
E-mail: yili.tang@uregina.ca
Fax: 306-585-4855
Website: https://www.mobility-tech.net/

Research interests
Analysis, modeling and optimization of the transportation system (Mobility-As-A-Service, public transport, ride-sharing, and emerging transportation technologies), travel behavior and transport economics, data mining and decision analytics (statistical model, machine learning/deep learning), mechanism design and game theory.

Dr. Tang is actively engaged in both academic and industrial activities in Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Denmark, and Japan. She has won over six awards in research and entrepreneurship in the past five years. She was a HKPFS PhD fellow (3.5% successful rate) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Dr.Tang has collaborations and contributed a variety of research projects with University of California, Berkeley, Technical University of Denmark, Beijing Transport Information Center, Didi Chuxing Technology, and Research Grants Council of Hong Kong.

I am regularly accepting graduate students (Master and PhD). Prospective students please check the website for details: https://www.mobility-tech.net/ 



Program Area

Environmental Systems Engineering