Na (Jenna) Jia

Ph.D. P. Eng.
Program Chair, Associate Professor, Energy Systems Engineering

Office: 6R 201.4
Phone: 306-337-3287
Fax: 306-585-4855

Research interests

Phase Behavior, Reservoir Fluid Characterization, Thermal Recovery, Miscible/Immiscible Displacement, Chemical Flooding, Asphaltene, Wax and Hydrate Precipitation and Deposition, Shale Oil/Gas Testing and Simulation, Multiphase Fluid Flow in Porous Media, Equation of State (EOS) Modeling, Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, Refinery Process Design and Optimization, In-situ Combustion, Kinetic Models Development, Reservoir Simulation, Mass and Heat Transfer.

Dr. Jia’s group is currently looking for talented and motivated master/PhD students and researchers. Please send your application to Dr. Jia’s email ( and your application will be seriously considered.

Ph.D. (University of Calgary)
B.Sc. (Tsinghua University)