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Na (Jenna) Jia

Ph.D. P. Eng.
Program Chair, Assistant Professor, Petroleum Systems Engineering

Office: 6R 201.4
Phone: 306-337-3287
Fax: 306-585-4855

Research interests

Phase Behavior, Reservoir Fluid Characterization, Thermal Recovery, Miscible Displacement, Chemical Flooding, Asphaltene, Wax and Hydrate Precipitation and Deposition, Heavy Oil and Multiphase Equilibrium Testing, Fluid Flow in Porous Media, Equation of State (EOS), Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, In-situ Combustion, Kinetic Models Development, Reservoir Simulation, Mass and Heat Transfer.

Dr. Jia’s group is currently looking for talented and motivated master/PhD students and researchers. Please send your application to Dr. Jia’s email ( and your application will be seriously considered.

Ph.D. (University of Calgary)
B.Sc. (Tsinghua University)