2022 Project Day Winners

Congratulations to our Engineering Project winners!


Program Top Project award winners:

Industrial Systems Engineering:
Design & Implementation of a Portable Ice Storage Demonstration Apparatus
Joshua Zimroz, Randi Debert, Joshua Spelay, Jacob Schenher


Environmental Systems Engineering:
Algal Control and Prevention Technologies in the Lake Diefenbaker Canal
Elizabeth Millan, Emily Froehlich


Electronic Systems Engineering:
Fuel I/O Tester
Dawon Dressler, Carter Kent, Justin Myles


Petroleum Systems Engineering:
Optimizatin of Partially Depleted Low Transmissibility Oil Reservoir Via Cyclic/Continuous Miscible CO2 Flood
Andres Hernandez, Yubo Wang


Software Systems Engineering:
ArachnoTHerapy VR
Jacob Chapman, Jacob Sauer, Roxanne Harrison



Engineering Safety Award:
Nolan Flegel, Rishabh Prasad, and William Peers


Facilities Management Capstone Award for the project that has a direct focus on and impact of UofR campus operations:
Combined Lake and Stormwater Irrigation System for the University of Regina
Aya Amer, Sayantan Paul, Iriny Moawad, Mahnoor Tajik