Regina Engineering Equipment Fund

Who are we?

We are the REEF, Regina Engineering Equipment Fund. We are a student led, volunteer initiative created to improve the undergraduate engineering labs. The board of directors is currently made up of the dean of engineering and applied sciences, two elected student members, two alumni members, and two faculty members.

What is it?

The fund is a structured annuity with supplemental contributions from donations that will eventually spend its income to upgrade undergraduate engineering lab equipment and facilities. Currently the fund is allocated $125 per student per semester by the undergraduate engineering lab fees.

Where is it?

The fund's assets are currently being invested by the University of Regina. We currently hold monthly meetings in the engineering office boardroom.

Why was it started?

Undergraduate students at the U of R were looking for a better method of funding their lab upgrades and equipment. Engineering lab equipment is expensive and we felt that our contributions could be used more proactively by spending for the future. We also had the opportunity to work with the University of Waterloo 'WEEF' in order to structure our program after theirs

When was it started?

The REEF began collecting student contributions in 2016 upon the assent of an AGM of the RESS (Regina Engineering Student Society)

When will it reach maturity?

Under the current structure the REEF will begin funding lab projects when the funds income exceeds the general student lab contribution.