The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers a myriad of undergraduate awards, bursaries, scholarships and prizes exclusive to engineering students only. We have a long list of generous donors who provide academic opportunities to our students through their financial contributions. 

The Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) Office administers all scholarship applications. They offer information workshops to assist students when applying for scholarships. They also provide an excellent tool called the Student Awards Management System (SAMS) for you to browse all awards and scholarships. Check out their website for all the information about scholarships, awards, applying, deadlines and workshops.

Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) -

Student Awards Management System (SAMS) -

There are literally hundreds of different scholarships and awards that you can apply for! Not just those listed on our website. So, it is really worth the time and effort to look through the lists on SAMS. 

See Melissa Berwald in our faculty for more information about scholarships.