Letter of Permission (LOP)

Letter of Permission (LOP) FAQ’s

  1. What is an LOP?
    An LOP is a Letter of Permission granting you permission to take a class from another institution while finishing your degree here.  LOP’s are given under exceptional circumstances only.  Usually given to students who are in their 8th or 9th  semester and need the class to graduate.

  2. Is there a cost?
    Yes. When you are granted permission to take a course at another institution you will be charged $30.00. There is a $30.00 charge for every course that you are taking on an LOP. (Engineering students can only take a maximum of 2 LOP courses.)

  3. I was granted an LOP but did not take the class.  What do I do?
    Please notify your advisor immediately.  Changes will have to be made to your registration.

  4. I’m finished the class.  Now what?
    After you have completed the class you must request that your transcript is sent directly to the University of Regina, Registrar’s Office.  It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your transcript.

  5. I finished the class however did not pass. 
    Like any other class that you do not pass, you will have to repeat the class.

  6. I sent my transcript but my class is not on UR transcript.  What should I do?
    Please notify your academic advisor.  They will look into the situation and rectify the problem.
  7. How long do I have to complete the LOP class?
    You have 6 months to complete the class.  

  8. Can I take an engineering class as an LOP class?
    NO.  All LOP classes must be non-engineering classes.  Only with the special permission of the Associate Dean, Academic and under extenuating circumstances may you take an engineering class on an LOP.

  9. How do I know that the class I want to take at another institution is equal to the UR class?
    You can check class equivalencies at http://www.uregina.ca/student/registrar/transfer-credit/transfer-credit-course-equivalents.html .  If the class that you want to take is not on this list, please submit the syllabus and we will have it evaluated for you.  We will then confirm with you what the class equivalency is.  Please do not register for a class at another institution until you receive confirmation of its equivalency.

  10. I took a class at another institution, however did not receive an LOP.  Am I still able to receive the transfer credits?
    No.  In order to receive transfer credits of classes that you take during your UR studies, you MUST get a Letter of Permission.  We will not accept your transfer credit request if you do not have permission to take the class.

  11. I’m in Co-op.  Can I request an LOP while I am working?
    Yes.  You can request an LOP, however it is not guaranteed that you will be granted one.  You will need permission from the Co-op Coordinator as well as your employer.  Co-op students may ask for an LOP class that they have not yet attempted.

  12. Do I need a particular GPA to get an LOP?
    Yes.  You must have at least a 60% UGPA to request an LOP.

  13. I’ve been RTD’d.  Can I request an LOP?
    No.  Student’s who have been RTD’d will not be permitted to take classes at any other institution while on academic action and receive transfer credits.

  14. How many LOP's can I request throughout my studies?
    Students may be granted no more than TWO LOP's while pursuing their engineering degree.