Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits

  1. The class that I took at my home institution is not listed on the UR Database of Transfer Credit Course Equivalents.  Is it still transferrable?
    Maybe. You will have to submit your syllabus to have it evaluated. Once it is evaluated you will be notified whether or not it is transferrable.

  2. What is the difference between a class description and a syllabus?
    A class description is a short paragraph describing the class in general. A syllabus includes 1) instructor credentials and information; 2) textbook information; 3) mark distribution; 4) detailed lab information if there is a lab component to the class; 5) detailed class content

  3. My professor is not a PEng. Can I still get a transfer credit?
    No. Because of accreditation purposes we require that all engineering classes with a design component be taught by a Professional Engineer. Please ask the academic advisor regarding the design components of classes.

  4. I took a science class at my home institution but it did not have a lab component.  Can I still get a transfer credit?
    No. Classes must be equivalent to be transferrable. 

  5. My university is not listed on the Database of Transfer Credit Course Equivalents on the UR website.  Will my classes be transferrable?
    Maybe. If your home institution is not listed that just means that we have never evaluated classes from there before. After establishing that your home institution is accredited, we will gladly have your classes evaluated.

  6. How many classes can I transfer?
    You can transfer up to 20 classes; 60 credit hours.

  7. Will the marks of my transferred classes affect my GPA?
    No. Classes are transferred; marks are not.

  8. The class that I would like transferred is more than 10 years old.  Can it be transferred?
    No. We can only transfer classes that are 10 years old or less.

  9. Are evaluation decisions negotiable?
    No. Evaluation decisions are not negotiable from other faculties. If you can provide more convincing information of the class that you want to transfer, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may re-evaluate it. Once an evaluation is made it is likely not changed.

  10. What grade do I need to achieve in order for a class to transfer?
    A minimum grade of 60% or the equivalent must be received. Ensure that the grade you received meets the minimum requirements for transfer credit. 

  11. The class I want transferred is listed on the Database of Transfer Credit Course Equivalents on the website, but I did not get the transfer.  Why?
    The website Database is subject to change without notice. Having a class listed does not guarantee that you will receive a transfer credit. The website database gives you a general idea of what may be transferred.

  12. Can I transfer classes from another institution while I am RTD'd?
    No. Classes taken at another institution while you are RTD'd or MW'd will not be transferred.