Academic Performance

What is good academic standing in Engineering?

All Engineering students require a UGPA of 60% to maintain good academic standing.  Students who fall below this average are placed on University and Engineering probation.

What is academic probation?

Starting from the completion of your first full-time semester you are expected to maintain a PGPA of 60% or higher.  Failure to do so will place you on faculty probation.  Your next semester of study is considered to be your “Probationary Semester” during which you must achieve a TGPA (Term GPA) or 60% or higher. 

What is a Faculty RTD?

A Faculty RTD requires students to discontinue from the Faculty of Engineering for 2 semesters. They can be received for the following reasons:

  • 2x Failure of a course with a UGPA of below 60%
  • 3x Failure of a course (GPA is not a consideration)
  • Unacceptable professional or academic conduct

I’ve been RTD’d from the Faculty of Engineering.  Now what?

You may apply to the Academic Recovery Program.  You must submit a program application form which includes a letter explaining why you want to take the Program and how you will benefit from it.  An Intake Advisor will have a meeting with you.  Applications are found at

You may also choose to take a break from university life. 

You may also transfer to another faculty.  Please follow Faculty Transfer instructions on the web .  Don’t forget to submit your Letter of Petition!

I have been “Required to Discontinue” (RTD) for 2 semesters.  If I transfer faculties and achieve a UGPA higher than 60% in my first semester, can I return to the Faculty of Engineering early?

No.  All RTD’s are 2 semesters in length. 

How can I get back into the Faculty of Engineering?

If you do not attend the UR or transfer to another faculty during your RTD period, you are required to submit a Letter of Petition to return.  You are not automatically accepted back into the Faculty.  Application deadlines for petition are:  Fall semester – July 1st; Winter semester – November 1st; Spring/Summer semester – March 1st.  These deadlines are very strict.  Please adhere to them.  You must submit a Petition Letter and Application for Re-Admission or Faculty Transfer.  International students submit this to the UR International-Admissions Office; domestic students submit this to the Enrollment Services-Admissions Office.

What should go in my petition letter?

Your petition letter is very important because the majority of the decisions are made on the strength of your letter.  The faculty needs to know why you think you will be more successful in the future  than you were in the past; what your academic and career goals are.  It is also useful to state what you have been doing during your RTD – did you attend another college? Did you transfer faculties? Did you work?  This all can be considered evidence that you are likely to succeed if you are given another chance.

What is a Must Withdraw (MW)?

A “Must Withdraw” (MW) is for a minimum of 3 full consecutive semesters.  Such forced withdraw begins on the first day of the semester.  Students with a MW status may not register for ‘credit’ classes or proceed with any degree, diploma or certificate.  You may not audit any class.  Such students have no rights or privileges except that of an appeal.

What is the ARP?

The Academic Recovery Program (ARP) is a two semester program that gives students who have experienced difficulties in university the opportunity to strengthen their study skills, evaluate their education and career direction and build strategies to aid with future academic and personal goals. The ARP cost is $900.00 per semester, plus regular tuition and course fees for credit courses. 

I’ve completed the ARP.  Now what?

All engineering students who complete the Academic Recovery Program automatically return to the Faculty of Engineering.  You will be placed in Engineering General; not your major program that you were previously in.  You will have to re-submit a Major Selection Form to the Engineering General Office.

I have failed a class twice.  Can I take the class a third time?

If you fail a class twice and your UGPA is below 60% you will receive an RTD.  However, if your UGPA is above 60% (ie: you are in good standing) you will need special permission from the Associate Dean-Academic.  Pick up a form at the Engineering General Office called “Registration/Permit Override”.  If you fail English 100 three times you will be required to withdraw from the UR for two years.