Admission & Registration Questions

How much are tuition and fees?

Tuition fees change all the time.  Please visit this website for specific information on tuition fees: Domestic and international student fees are different. 

When do I register?

Depending on how many credits you have will depend on when you can register.  Senior students register before 1st year students.  You can find out the specific day to register on UR Self-Serve.  Your “Time ticket” will be listed under Registration.  You can also check when to register on the Registrar’s website.

Where can I pay my tuition fees?

Tuition fees can be paid online through UR Self-Service, online using Internet Banking, by telephone, mail, in person or wire transfer.  For detailed information, visit

What are the up-coming important dates?

All important semester dates, such as start and end of semester, exam periods, drop dates, etc are on the Registrar’s Office website.  Please visit the Academic Schedule for important dates associated with the delivery of instruction. 

How do I register in classes?

You can simply register online at UR Self-Service or see your academic advisor personally who can help you through the process. 

Do you have a map of the school?

Please visit the UR Contact Us page for directions. 

What is the last day to add or drop a class?

Every semester is different.  Please visit the Academic Schedule for start and end patterns and dates associated with the delivery of instruction.

What are student fees?

Student fees include things like Student Union Membership, Recreation and Athletic Fees, Student Union Bus Pass, Student Union Health and Dental Plan.  Engineering students also pay a $100 equipment fee and the RESS Membership every semester.  If you are in the Coop or Internship Program there are additional fees.  Domestic and International fees vary.  Please visit the Financial Services website for up-to-date fees.

What is your grading system or policy?

The UR employs a percentage grading system.  Unless otherwise specified, a grade of less than 50% is a failing grade for undergraduate program and the student will not receive a credit for the class.  90-100 – Outstanding Performance; 80-89 – Excellent Performance; 70-79 – Very Good Performance; 60-69 – Good Performance; 50-59 – Barely Acceptable Performance; 0-49 – Unacceptable performance.  For more detailed information please see the Registrar’s Office website:

I have an academic hold and cannot register.  What can I do?

A hold is a restriction placed on a student’s account that may:

-          prevent class registration;

-          prevent the release of transcripts;

-          prevent a student from graduating; or

-          all of the above.

There are different types of holds.  Depending on the hold that you have on your account you may or may not be able to have the hold lifted by your academic advisor to able you to register for classes.  It is best to see the Engineering General Office if you have any type of hold that disables you to register for classes.