Choosing your Major

I’m in high school and don’t know what to major in?

Don’t worry.  Most high school students are accepted in Engineering General.  After you get here and are exposed to our programs you can choose your major.  Our annual 4th Year Project Day is a great way to expose yourself to each type of program that we offer and give you an idea at the area you’d be studying…. And ultimately what you would be doing in your engineering career.

I’m in high school.  Can I be placed in my major of choice right away?

Yes.  However, you will require an average of 90% or above.

I’m in the Program; when can I choose my Major?

After you have successfully completed 8 classes you can hand in a Major Change Form.

How many times can I change my Major?

You may change your Major as many times as you want to.  However, please keep in mind that not all classes will transfer in each Program.  Don’t wait too long to make your final decision.

How can I change my Major?

There are Major Declaration Forms available through your Academic Advisor, at the Engineering General Office or online at

I have an exceptionally high UGPA.  Will I automatically get into my first choice?

Not necessarily.  Acceptance priority is based on PGPA, number of credit hours achieved and number of seats available in the Program.

When is the deadline for submitting my Major Change Form?

There are three deadlines throughout the academic year:  April 1st, August 1st and December 1st.

There are three programs listed on the Major Change Form, but I only want to get into ESE?  Do I have to fill in all three choices?

Yes.  We require that you fill in your top three choices just in case you cannot get into your first.  In most cases, you will be able to get into one of your first two choices.  

I am transferring from another Faculty, and I have more than 8 classes that I am able to transfer.  Can I choose my Major of choice upon admission into the Faculty?

Yes.  However, you will require a UGPA of 70% or higher.  Students with a UGPA of 60%-69.00% will be placed into Engineering General at the point of admission.  Then submit a Major Selection Form after having completed one semester.

What kind of projects do students do for their 4th Year projects?

Some examples of 4th Year Projects include: Automated Putting Green, Biological Removal of Manganese from Drinking Water, Blackberry Presentation Remote, Body Mounted Paintball Feeder, Chlorides in Wascana Creek Sub-basin.   Pretty much any idea that you have can turn into a project!