What is considered a Humanities/Social Science Elective?

A Humanities/Social Science elective is any class that is offered by the Faculty of Arts.  Engineering students will not get credit for ECON 100 as their humanities/social science elective IF they take it after taking ECON 201.  Students will receive credit for ECON 100 if they take it before ECON 201.

Can I substitute a class?

Course substitutions are available in exceptional circumstances only.  Please make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your particular situation.   Your situation will be assessed and the best option will be given to you.  All course substitutions require the final approval for the Program Chair and Associate Dean-Academic.

I really want/need to take the class, but I don’t like the date of the final exam.  What can I do?

Not much…. It is recommended that you find a class with a final exam that suits your schedule.  Sometimes, if ALL students registered in the class sign a petition to change the date of the exam and the professor agrees, then a new exam time can be scheduled.  The petition is handled through the main office.

I am sick the morning of the exam or during the exam.  What can I do?

A student who becomes seriously ill, or has a family emergency must inform the professor prior to the exam start.  Professionalism is appreciated.  S/he must request that the exam be re-scheduled.  A dated, signed medical certificate, or for family issues, any other documentation supporting the issue must be submitted within three days of the date of the original exam.  

Deferred exam policies and procedures apply to canceled final exams, while action with respect to a canceled mid-term is at the discretion of the professor.  Please see the UR Calendar (5.7.9)