Convocation Questions

How much does it cost to go to Convocation?
There are no additional charges associated with Convocation. The costs, including your gown and hood, are covered by your Academic Services fee.

I have an outstanding account that I can’t pay by the deadline and my whole family’s coming to see me get my diploma. What can I do?
See Financial Services to set up a payment schedule. You can still graduate and participate in Convocation like all the other graduates, but the diploma case you are given will contain only a reminder to pay your account. Your diploma can be picked up or will be mailed to you when your account is clear.

I said I wasn’t coming to Convocation, but now I think I’d like to go. Is it too late?
We will still be glad to see you, but please notify us as soon as possible of your decision by emailing or calling 306-585-4175. The same is true if you said you were coming, and now you aren’t, as this helps us ensure that we have the right number of seats on stage.

My degree was conferred in January, but the next Convocation is in June and I really need my diploma now. Can I get it?
Yes. Although diplomas are usually distributed at Convocation, you can get yours early.  Complete and submit an "Early Release of Parchment Form" along with the applicable fee to the Registrar's Office.

My dog chewed my diploma. Can I get it replaced?
Yes. You can get a diploma that will indicate it is a replacement. You need to complete and submit a "Replacement Diploma Form" along with the applicable fee and the remains of the damaged diploma. (Note: If your dog ate your whole diploma, we’ll still replace it.)

Do I have a choice about which Convocation I attend?
No. The Convocation you attend is determined by the date you apply for graduation. If you want to attend a later Convocation, you must delay applying for graduation.

I missed the application deadline for Spring Convocation, but all my friends are going, and I really want to go too. Will you take my application late?
Alas, no, even though we’d like to. The preparations for each Convocation ceremony are immense, and involve the whole University, so we need to know a long time in advance how many graduates we will be welcoming, and who they are. The good news is that your degree will be conferred and appear on your transcript by late June, and we hope we will still see you at Fall Convocation.

I will be receiving more than one diploma at this convocation. What do I do?
If you are receiving two or more degrees/diplomas/certificates at the same ceremony, you will only cross once. All degrees/diplomas/certificates will be mentioned at the time of crossing.

Since I received my diploma I have had my name changed and would like my diploma issued in my new name. Can I do this?
Yes. The original Diploma must be returned to the Registrar’s Office before the new one is issued and released. Legal documentation of a name change is required, accompanied by a “Name Change Form”.

I would like to have my photographs taken in my academic gown but cannot arrange to do this on convocation day. Can I rent the appropriate academic regalia for my photos?
Yes, you can rent these items at anytime throughout the year by completing and submitting a "Regalia Form"  along with the necessary rental fee. Go to "Convocation Ceremonial - Academic Dress" for a description of the appropriate regalia.

I did not attend Convocation. Where can I pick up my diploma?
If you did not attend Convocation, your diploma will be available for pick up at the Registrar's Office, AH 210, for the following three weeks. If you want someone else to pick up your diploma for you, please give that individual a letter giving such permission. The letter must include your name, your signature, and the person's name who is picking up the diploma (that person will need to show Photo ID upon pickup). If the diploma is not picked up during the three week time period, and there are no holds preventing release of the diploma, it will be mailed out to your current mailing address on the University information system.