How do I get into the Co-op/Internship program?
You need to complete an application form and meet the requirements for PGPA and minimum credit hours. These requirements vary by Faculty.  Engineering students require a 60%.  All engineering students must complete ENGG 100, ENGG 123 and ENGL 100 in addition to the first three semesters of their program.  If you are an international student, you need to have applied for your work permit prior to applying to the Co-op program.  For more information on applying for a work permit, please see the UR International website at:

What happens when I'm admitted?
When admitted into Co-op or Internship, you are notified in writing.  After that you have to complete and “Entrance Meeting/Interview” with a coordinator at the Career Centre.  You will  then have to attend compulsory workshops (on resumes, interviewing and the placement process), observe the pertinent schedules and deadlines, and go to work!

How do I get a Co-op job?
Jobs are posted on the Career Centre’s PlacePro Internet site. You apply for the jobs you want, employers shortlist and interview candidates, and the job may be offered to you. That cycle takes place three times every year for Co-op and once a year for Internship students.

Am I guaranteed a job each work term?
No, but if you are serious about your job search and willing to invest time and effort, you will find a position for each work term. Nearly all active Co-op or Internship students do.

Where will I work?
We are a national and international program with opportunities everywhere. You can broaden your horizons by working and living in a large city, or in a rural community, or maybe even overseas. About half of our jobs are in Regina, but we encourage you to be mobile. If you are willing to re-locate, your chances of securing a work term improve.

How will I be evaluated?
The employer evaluates your job performance. Engineering will evaluate the work term report you will prepare according to the guidelines. You have to get a passing grade from both parties.

Does the Co-op/Internship Program increase my chances of employment upon graduation?
Yes. Many Co-op/Internship students have permanent jobs lined up before they graduate, often with a previous Co-op/Internship employer, while others find permanent employment rapidly after graduation.

I’m an international student.  Can I participate in the Coop or Internship Program?

YES!  However, international students are required to have a Valid Co-op Work Permit to go on a work term. 

Due to lengthy processing times with Customs and Immigration Canada (CIC), International students must have applied for a permit at least two months prior to applying for Co-op. NO EXCEPTIONS!

It is recommended that students apply for their work permit 8 - 12 months prior to starting a work term to ensure that the permit arrives in time. For example, if you are planning on starting a work term in May, you should apply for your permit a year in advance, but no later than September of the year prior to starting your term. An Off-Campus work permit is not an acceptable work permit. They are two separate documents.

Please see UR International for more information.

What does the Career Centre do for me?
Their goal is simple: to find career-related work opportunities so you can gain valuable work experience while going to school. The Career Centre is here for you before, during, and after your work term experience. You can contact them any time for more information.