Graduation Questions

What average is needed to graduate from Engineering?


I have successfully completed the requirements for my program, do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes. In order to graduate, you MUST apply. To apply, download and submit your completed “Application for Graduation” form.  Hand in your form to the Engineering General Office.  Be mindful of the deadlines!

I want to attend the Spring Convocation, what is the deadline to apply? What about the Fall Convocation?

To attend Spring Convocation, you must apply by January 31. To attend Fall Convocation, you must apply by July 31. If you miss the deadline, you can attend the following Convocation.

I'm planning to complete my Undergraduate Program, what is the approval process for my application?

When you have submitted your application for graduation, Engineering will check your file to ensure that you will be eligible to graduate when you expect to. If there are any problems, we will contact you.  Please note in these instances it will most likely be too late to graduate. 

Will an outstanding account prevent me from receiving my diploma?

Yes. Please ensure that you do not have an outstanding account that will prevent you from receiving your diploma, make sure you check your own account at UR Self-Service. Also, make sure your mailing address is up-to-date and correct.

My graduation has been approved, how long will it take for the degree to appear on my transcript?

There are a number of stages to gain final approval for conferment. Only after the Chancellor confers your credential by signing the lists of graduands will your degree, diploma, or certificate appear on your official transcript.  It will take up to one month to process.

How do I get my Graduation Photo taken?

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science make arrangements to have a photographer on campus to take photographs; academic dress will be available at these sessions. Please visit the Engineering General Office for more information.

My grades are pretty good, are there any prizes I can win?

Congratulations, great effort! There are many prizes available.  Please visit the Convocation Awards website page for specifics.   Best of luck!

How do I get a Saskatchewan Graduate Tax Exemption?

The Graduate Retention Program rewards graduating students for building their futures in Saskatchewan by providing a refundable income tax credit. You can view more info online at the Registrar’s  website. 

After I graduate is it important to join a Professional Association?

Yes!  The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) is a provincial body of professional engineers and geoscientists. There are equivalents of APEGS in each province and territory within Canada.  Listed here: As well, Engineers Canada is a national organization of the 12 engineering regulators that license the country’s 290,000 members of the profession (web source).  You can check out Engineers Canada here: