Pre-Requisite Waiver

I don’t have the pre-requisite to get into a class, but I want/need to take it.  Can I?

All students are required to fulfill the pre-requisite course requirements before registering for a subsequent course.  With special permission from the Program Chair you may be able to take the class without the pre-requisite requirement.  You can pick up a Pre-requisite Waiver Form at the General Office or online at

I took a similar course at another institution but did not get the transfer credit for it.  Can I use that as a pre-requisite?

Yes, with permission.  Any evidence of material previously taken may be used as Prior Course Knowledge.  Please submit the syllabus of the course that you took previously along with your Pre-Requisite Waiver Form.  You will still be required to take that pre-requisite course at a later date.

I was away for the holiday and I missed the deadline.  Can I still submit my Pre-requisite Waiver Form?

No.  The deadline must be submitted by the 1st Friday after the start of classes each semester.

My PGPA is 63%.  Can I get a Pre-requisite Waiver Form approved?

No.  The PGPA required is 65% or more.