Shop Rules and Safety

Shop rules

All shops are supervised at all times during posted hours of operation. Shop users must co-operate fully with the shop personnel and must follow their instructions at all times without exception. The shop personnel has the right to refuse a user’s work plan if they deem it unsafe. Users who are disruptive and refuse to follow instructions will be required to leave the shop.

All shop users must wear safety glasses, their feet must be fully covered, long hair must be tucked back with elastic bands or clips, and loose clothing may not be worn. Watches, bracelets, rings and dangling necklaces must be removed during machining operations.

Shop users must keep their work areas safe, clean and clutter free at all times. This includes never leaving a machine until it has stopped moving, ensuring that nothing is on the ground while working or after the work is finished, and limiting clutter and scraps.

Users are expected to report any near-misses or accident regardless how minor. Shop personnel can treat minor cuts or abrasions on-site. More severe injuries will be referred to Student Health Clinic. In case of serious life threatening emergencies, 911 will be called.




For health and safety concerns, or help with any safety resource, feel free to contact the Faculty Safety Coordinator.

Phone: 306-337-2620