Resources for Student Design and Manufacturing

Electronics and Instrumentation Shop
The Electronics and Instrumentation shop located in the Education Building ED 117.1, is the Engineering Faculty’s primary shop. Electronics and Instrumentation can be a daunting and confusing task. It can often be a significant safety hazard.

The Shop is supervised by a Certified Applied Science Technologist who provides technical knowledge, expertise, service, support and consultation with respects to electronic and electro-mechanical and pressure vessels to support teaching and research activities undertaken by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Our goal is to provide the community with a friendly environment for students and researchers to ask questions and learn the safe application and integration of systems into both research and undergraduate labs.

Our service line includes:

  • Equipment Repair
  • Custom cabling
  • Instrumentation design and fabrication
  • Equipment purchasing / consultation
  • Swagelok fittings and high pressure tubing installation
  • Electronics theory consultation and technical advice
  • 3D printing
  • Safety consultation


Machine Shop
The Machine Shop located in Education Building ED 117.2, is the Engineering Faculty’s primary machine shop and supports course projects, student design, entrepreneurship, and graduate students.  The machine shop provides access to a variety of machine tools for metal and wood based projects.  The Shop is supervised by a machinist who is available for training on equipment and any technical questions.

  • Specialty services include laser cutting and electronics fabrication. 
  • A fully staffed machine shop with CNC capabilities is available to final year students for more complex projects where users are unable to complete the manufacturing themselves.