Transfer Credit Request Form

** The Transfer Credit Request Form is for students newly admitted to the Engineering Faculty.**

Complete this form to have transfer credits assessed for courses taken previously at other institutions.

Please submit all courses being considered for transfer credit. Only one application per student per institution will be accepted.
The Transfer Credit Request Form should be submitted upon being accepted into the Engineering program.

How to fill out this form?
    1. Does the Registrar have your final transcript?  If not, please send it immediately!
    2.  Ensure that your final grade is a minimum of the equivalent to a UR 60%.  Check Grade Equivalencies here.  
    3.  Check Transfer Credit Course Equivalents website to see if your course has already been evaluated.  Please be advised that this list is not current.  A class listed here may require a re-evaluation.  You will be informed if this is necessary.
    4.  If the class is NOT on the website list AND is an ENGINEERING class, please refer to the Course Cataloge and compare your course with those offered here.  Please add the engineering class that you intend to receive on your TC Form.
    5.  If the class is NOT on the website list that means it has to be evaluated. If it is NOT AN ENGINEERING class, then just leave the right side of the form blank.
    6. Submit the completed TC Form with sylabi (if required).  You will be contacted shortly.

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
This is where you will find all of our program requirements and classes required to complete your degree.

What information is required in a syllabus?
When you are requesting a class to be evaluated you must send the syllabus as well.  The syllabus must be on official university letterhead and must include:

- professor contact information;
- professor credentials;
- a distribution of marks;
- detailed lab information (if applicable);
- all textbooks used;
- a detailed description of the class

Did you go to a Technical School?
If yes, and you are requesting engineering classes to be transferred, please ensure that your professor has a PEng or PGeol.  Contact Melissa Berwald for more information.

Some things to know...
- You can only transfer 20 classes
- Your class will transfer...not your grade.  All transfer credits will appear on your UR transcript but not affect your GPA.
- The Transfer Credit process can be lengthy!  Please submit your TC Forms as early as possible.

Please send your TC Request Form directly to:

Don't forget to attach all sylabi of classes that need to be evaluated!

Transfer Credit Request Form

You may submit a maximum of 20 courses for evaluation.


University of Regina Transfer Credit Equivalents

This is a list of courses previously evaluated at the University of Regina. If a course is not on this list, an equivalency may still be possible. Students should contact their Faculty or College for further information.

Please select an institution to view an unofficial listing of University of Regina Transfer Credit Equivalents: