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Section 5.8.8 Course Load (Undergraduate Calendar)
The combination of uncleared deferrals and new registrations may not exceed 15 credit hours unless a cumulative overload is formally approved by the students's dean or designate.

In light of this adherence to the University policy, the process for deferred final exam requests will require students to:
(1) Notify their instructor or the Engineering Office that they will miss the exam. (Section 5.8.4)
(2) Submit the Application for Deferral of Term Work and/or Final exam form to the Engineering Office.
(3) Attach the proper medical documentation using the official University of Regina medical form.
(4) Attach the Engineering Course Load / Declaration page to your submission. ** New **

See here for more information about deferrals.

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Office, Laboratory, and Key Card Access Forms
includes all of the forms necessary for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, to apply for access to offices, labs, and other secure spaces.

Safety and Travel-Related Forms includes forms for faculty and staff to fill out prior to work- or school-related travel; it also includes all safety forms required to access and maintain laboratory space, manage and dispose of chemicals and waste, conduct risk assessments, and apply for safety training, etc.

Event Registration Forms includes forms to register for special faculty events such as "What is Engineering?".