Repeating Courses

You may not repeat a class more than once (take it more than two times) unless you have prior permission from the Associate Dean (Undergraduate). Normally permission will be granted only if:

  • you failed the course the last time you took it (i.e. you're not taking it just to raise your average grade)
  • the course is required for your declared program (or, if you're in a pre-professional program, for admission to the declared target program)
  • your current grade point average is high enough that you have a reasonable prospect of graduating from your declared program (or of being admitted to your target professional program)
  • in the case of a pre-professional program, you've already completed all of the other courses required for admission to the declared target professional program
  • at least one semester has passed since you last attempted the class
  • you've successfully completed at least three further post-secondary classes since you last attempted the course

To apply for permission, fill out the following application form and submit it.

 Along with the application form you should submit a brief note explaining why you failed the course previously, why you need to retake it, and why you feel you can pass it given one more chance.

You will be notified in writing of the Associate Dean's decision. Approval may be accompanied with a restriction on the number of classes you can take that semester. You can appeal a negative decision to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Please submit forms to:

Repeat a Course Form