Application to Take a Course at Another Institution

Fillable Form: Letter of Permission (LOP) Request

University of Regina students are expected to complete their degree requirements here. In extenuating circumstances the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may grant you permission to study outside of UR with a Letter of Permission (LOP). An LOP is an agreement between the student and faculty that allows the student to remain in the faculty and guarantees that transfer credits will be granted for the courses completed successfully (60% or higher).

U of R students require permission to take a course from an outside institution for credit towards their program at the University of Regina. If you take a class (either online, in-person or by correspondence) without previous permission by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science you will not be granted the transfer credit.

To request permission, complete the application and provide all supplemental documentation, if requested. Documents may include course syllabi, professor information, course materials.

A general guide to the courses that are UR equivalents are listed in the U of R transfer credit equivalents database on the UR website. This does not guarantee that the classes are equivalent. Confirmation is done by the Faculty and the student will be informed if any more information is necessary. A re-evaluation may be required.

If the course is not in the database, a course description and course outlines (a syllabus) must be submitted with the application form. Additional time is required to allow for a course assessment to be completed.

Please complete the LOP request at least one month prior to starting your class.

Students will be notified via UR email and if approved, a letter of Permission (LOP) will follow. Do not register for classes at your chosen post-secondary institution until you have received permission from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Students in their final semester who request an LOP must ensure that the official transcript is received from the other post-secondary institution to the UR Office of Registrar by May 2nd (Spring convocation) or September 5th (Fall convocation), January 8th (completion of degree December 31st). You will not graduate as planned if we do not receive your transcripts by the deadlines.

If the student chooses to drop the LOP class, fails the class or receives less than 60% it is required that they notify the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science immediately. Appropriate adjustments will be made to your UR transcript. Your Grade Point Average will not be affected.

Upon completion of the LOP class, transfer credits will be assigned to the students’ UR transcript. Transfer credit grades do not affect the UR Grade Point Average.

All LOP requests will be individually reviewed. When requesting an LOP please include a coherent academic rational clearly stating the reason for wanting to study elsewhere. Include as much detail as possible. If you are not in your last year, permission is granted for extenuating circumstances only.

Academic Plan


Please contact Melissa Berwald for further information.


  • Student must be in good academic standing (have a Grade Point Average of at least 60%).
  • Students must be in their last year and have a time conflict with other classes in order to be given permission to take a course elsewhere.
  • Co-op students may take a course while on a work term with permission from the Co-op Coordinator and their employer.
  • Completion time – the course must be completed within 8 months that the LOP was issued unless otherwise stated.
  • Students who are currently RTD’d, who are on probation or under misconduct (academic or non-academic) review will not be permitted to request an LOP while they are on their RTD/on probation/review.
  • Students who have a Financial HOLD will not be granted an LOP.
  • Students should NOT have already received the maximum allowable transfer credit (60 credit hours).
  • ONLY non-engineering classes will be granted transfer credits on an LOP; unless permitted by the Associate Dean (Academic).
  • Credit will only be granted for academic study at recognized post-secondary institutions.

University of Regina Transfer Credit Equivalents Database

This is a list of courses previously evaluated at the University of Regina. If a course is not on this list, an equivalency may still be possible. Students should contact their Faculty or College for further information.

Please select an institution to view an unofficial listing of University of Regina Transfer Credit Equivalents: