Selection of Major Form

Students who are admitted with a high school admission average of 90% or greater will be granted their first preference of a major at the time of admission. Students whose admission average is between 70.00% and 89.00% will be admitted into a general major, ENGG.

Students who are being admitted from another post-secondary institution, Canadian or international, will be admitted to a general major, ENGG.

You must have completed 8 of the 10 first-year classes including ENGG 100, ENGG 123, ENGG 140 and ENGL 100.

Application Deadlines: Dec 1st, Apr 1st, and Aug 1st


  1. Students admitted to first year with a major of ENGG apply for allocation to the major of their choice with a minimum of 8 required courses in Year 1.
  2. Students who have transferred from another University of Regina faculty or have been admitted from another post-secondary institution must have completed one full-time semester within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Allocation will be based upon PGPA.
  3. All current engineering students who are already in a major, other than ENGG, and wish to request a change in major may submit an application form. Allocation will be based upon PGPA and space in the desired program.
  4. Qualifying students cannot declare a major until they have completed all required classes and their status has changed to “Fully Qualified”

Acceptance priority is based on PGPA, number of credit hours completed and space in the desired program.

To select or change your major, please complete this form and submit it to the engineering office for approval.  A second and third major preference must be indicated on the form before it can be submitted. Generally students that already have at least 8 graded courses by the deadline date will be reviewed in the middle of that month. Students that will have 8 graded courses completed in that semester will be held until all grades are submitted. Normally they are reviewed after the first week in the following month.

Please submit forms to:

Fillable Form: Major Selection Form

Fillable Form: Minor Declaration Form

 *Minors are self-directed, and must be declared prior to graduation, as well as on the graduation application.   If minor requirements are not met, the minor is not included at time of graduation.  Minor requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Concurrent Programs

Normally, concurrent programs will not be available in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Students who are interested must consult an Academic Advisor first. The final approval is by the Associate Dean Academic.