After Convocation

Iron Ring

The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer is a private ritual, in which students about to graduate from an engineering program at a university in Canada are permitted to participate. Participation may also be permitted for Canadian professional engineers and registered engineers-in-training who received training elsewhere. As part of the ritual each participant is conferred the Iron Ring.

There is an Iron Ring Ceremony held in the spring in conjunction with the 4th year student Graduation Banquet.

There is also a fall Ceremony held in October or November.

Information will be posted by the Engineering Office closer to the ceremony.


APEGS requires a Confirmation of Graduation and Degree in order to apply for the Engineer-In-Training membership.

The form can be found here. Please submit the form to the Registrar's Office for the official University of Regina seal.

Registrar's Office contact information.
Transcripts and the official University of Regina seal are ordered from the same place at the Registrar's office.

More information about the APEGS member-in-training can be found here.