If you are close to completing the requirements of your program, you should be thinking about Convocation. The Convocation ceremony at the University of Regina occurs twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. Convocation is the ceremony at which students receive their diplomas/degrees and are welcomed into the Convocation community in front of friends and family.

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Important 2021 Convocation Information

Congratulations! You are almost there. There a few items I would like to share with you. These questions come up often among us and I would like to let you know how we do it!

What happens after I am done classes?
We will wait for all final grades to be in! Some classes take longer than others. There is a two-tier approval process. Once the instructor post the final grades, then they will have to be approved by our Dean. Once the Dean’s approval is completed, then you will see the final grades on the system, unofficial transcript.

I have all final Grades are in! I am done! I need my Completion Letter!
The fact that you have all your final grades in, does not mean you have been approved for convocation. The process of approval takes some time. Our Advisor will review each individual case to ensure you have all the classes needed to graduate. Once that is completed it is sent to Program Chairs for approval. Once that part is completed the Faculty will have a meeting to approve you all! This does not happen until the middle of May. There are no exceptions, no special cases, nothing I can do to write a letter ahead of time.

I want to request a degree Audit to make sure I have completed all the course requirements. If you have applied for graduation, please do not request a degree audit check since this is this first step that is about to begin once all final grades are in the system. The advisor will not be able to complete your email request.

I have a job line up starting on Monday, or I am starting a Post Graduate Program tomorrow, what do I do?
The Faculty won’t be able to release letters until your Degree has been approved by the Faculty. This means nothing will be done until middle of May.

I am an International Student and I need to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit, what do I do?
You have not been officially graduated on the system. You will be graduated on the systems once your degree has been awarded after the Executive Council Meeting. Then you will have 90 days from that day, not from the last day of classes. You can always consult with URI

Approval for all graduates of the Spring 2021 will happen on May 26, 2021. The President’s office will finalize approvals on the system by the end of the month, and then you will be able to see it on your Transcripts.

A congratulation letter by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will be sent after May 26, 2021. Please make sure you mailing address is up-to-date in UR Self- Service.

How to request Official Transcripts?
If you are applying to APEGS, APEGA, or any other place is requesting your transcripts, please see information here:

The University has a new system and it will offer more options in the near future. See more information here:

Graduation photos
Reminder to book your appointment through Camera One at (306)757-4612
Camera One is the designated photographer for the Faculty of Engineering and prepares the Class Composite. Even if you are not located in Regina, you can contact them to make arrangements. If you are done by April 2021 please book ASAP. If you are not located in Regina at the moment, please contact them still to make arrangements.
DO NOT CALL Cornerstone Photography.

Convocation Ceremony:
All the details are here: