A Hold is a restriction placed on your UR Self-Service account that may:

  • Prevent you from registering for classes;
  • Prevent the release of your transcripts; or,
  • Indicate some sort of tracking on your account.

Some examples of holds that may be placed on your account:

Advising Hold: You are required to see your academic advisor prior to registration (book an appointment with the advisor).

Conditions on Registration: There are conditions that must be checked or met prior to registration. Please stop by the Engineering General Office for registration assistance.

Financial Hold: You owe tuition and fees that must be paid prior to release of transcripts or registration, depending on the amount owed (contact Financial Services).

Admissions Hold: There are documents or other requirements that must be received by the university prior to registration or release of transcripts.
International Students: Contact UR International. Domestic Students: Contact Admissions.

Holds are simply our way of tracking students.

If you have a hold on your account, contact the appropriate office to find out why the hold is there and what you need to do in order for it to be removed.