Students who are unable to complete a course for serious medical or personal reasons may be eligible to defer some of the course work.
Students in this situation should consult the Engineering Office as quickly as possible.

Guidelines for Requesting a Deferral of Course Work and/or Final Exams

Extensions of deadlines for completion of assignments or writing of final examinations may be granted on the basis of illness, accident, or other extreme and legitimate circumstances beyond your control.

Applying for a Deferral:
If you are unable to complete course work before the end of the term, please notify the Engineering General Office and your course instructor as quickly as possible.
Requests must be received within 3 business days of the scheduled final exam date or they will be denied. An Application for Deferral of Term Work and/or Final Exam form must be completed.

Supporting Documentation:
You must submit supporting documentation before a deferral request can be approved.
The documentation must clearly indicate the dates involved – dates that correspond with the deadlines of course work for which you’re seeking a deferral.

  • Illness or accident: If you were hospitalized, too ill to continue studies, or missed an extended period of classes due to illness, your physician must complete the Student Medical Certificate form stating your inability to continue your studies. 
  • Death in the immediate family: You must provide an obituary or death certificate.
  • Illness/accident of immediate family member: If you needed to provide care to an immediate family member due to an unexpected illness or accident, the physician must complete the Student Medical Certificate form
  • Breakdown of marital relationship: Proof that you and your partner separated is needed, such as a letter from a lawyer or counsellor, bank statements, etc.
  • Jury duty: Please supply the letter advising you've been selected and are required to attend.
  • Involuntary job change: If you've been transferred out of your location of study (e.g. Regina, Saskatoon) involuntarily you must supply a letter, on company letterhead, from your employer, confirming the date of the move.


NEW FOR STUDENTS:  Course Drop Declaration Form

Section 5.8.8 Course Load (Undergraduate Calendar)
The combination of uncleared deferrals and new registrations may not exceed 15 credit hours unless a cumulative overload is formally approved by the students's dean or designate.

In light of this adherence to the University policy, the process for deferred final exam requests will require students to:
(1) Notify their instructor or the Engineering Office that they will miss the exam. (Section 5.8.4)
(2) Submit the Application for Deferral of Term Work and/or Final exam form to the Engineering Office.
(3) Attach the proper medical documentation using the official University of Regina medical form.
(4) Attach the Engineering Course Load / Declaration page to your submission. 


Documentation must be submitted for the application to be considered complete.
Incomplete applications cannot be approved.
Requests must be received within 3 business days of the scheduled final exam date. If the appropriate documentation has not been submitted by that date, your request for a deferral will be denied.

Approval of Deferrals:
For a deferral request to be approved you must be in good standing in the course; that is, you must have a reasonable chance of passing the course, if a deferral were granted.
Your course instructor will be asked to verify that this is the case.
Deferral requests are approved by the Associate Dean. As soon as a decision has been made, the Engineering Office will notify you and the instructor in writing.

You may contact the Engineering Office to discuss any concerns you have.