Prerequisites and Failed Courses

Because of the highly-structured nature of the Engineering undergraduate programs, failing a course, especially one that is a prerequisite to a later course, can create course scheduling issues.

It is important to note:
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the required prerequisite(s) before taking a course. Students who fail a course that is a prerequisite for one in which they are already registered must make appropriate changes to their registration.
  • If students fail a course that is a prerequisite to one in which they have enrolled in the upcoming semester, it is their responsibility to drop the latter course. Whether or not they drop, they will be refused credit for the latter course even if it is successfully completed.

If you have failed a course and need assistance with planning a new program schedule, please consult the Academic Advisor (see Advising) or your Program Chair.

You may also apply for a Prerequisite Waiver. Prerequisite waivers allow students to get permission to take a course for which they do not have the required prerequisite. Please note that satisfying the eligibility criteria does not guarantee approval. Approval of prerequisite waiver requests will be granted based on special cases only.