Probation and Discontinuance

Note: The information on this page is mainly compiled from the University of Regina Academic Calendar.

Students who fail to meet the minimum requirements in terms of Academic Performance may be placed on probation or required to discontinue or withdraw from Engineering and Applied Science or the University. The following explains the grounds by which poor academic performance is judged, the consequences of receiving an RTD (Required to Discontinue) or MW (Must Withdraw), and the next steps that students can take:

Grounds for Academic Action

  1. Failure to meet the minimum performance standard.
  2. Failure in a third completed attempt at English 100
  3. Failure to meet a faculty or program regulation.

The first two grounds result in University-level action. The third results in action at the faculty or program level.

The first assessment of students' grade point averages for the purpose of imposing university-level academic probation will occur at the end of the term in which the first nine credit hours of study are attempted. The timing of subsequent assessments is at the discretion of the student's faculty, but will normally occur at the end of an academic term.

To avoid being placed on university-level academic probation, an undergraduate student must maintain a minimum undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) of 60.00% or higher.

Please note that students affected by Academic Action do have the right to appeal. See the Academic Calendar for information on Notification and Appeals.

All students should be familiar with both Faculty and University academic regulations related to academic performance, academic action (probation, RTD (Required to Discontinue), MW (Must Withdraw)). These regulations are explained in detail in the University Academic Calendars (Undergraduate and Graduate) under both the main University sections and the specific Faculty pages.

Sections to pay particular attention to include:

  • Evaluation of Academic Performance:
    • Academic standing regulations
    • Probation and discontinuance (RTD and MW)
    • Probation (University)
    • Process for Clearing a Probation
    • MW or Must Withdraw from University
    • Notification of Academic Action
    • Faculty and Program Probation and RTD
    • Notification and Appeals
    • Academic Recovery Program