Registration Guide

Restrictions and Errors

After you have clicked on Submit Changes, you may see the message:

Registration Add Errors

This means that there are restrictions on the course that prevent you from registering.
You will not be able to register in a course that has “Registration Add” errors.
Do not keep trying.

If you feel that the registration error is incorrect, please contact the Engineering General Office.

The explanation of the restriction is given under the status column.
Sometimes, special permission can be obtained to override the restriction or error.

To request permission:
1. Fill out the Registration Permit/Override form.
2. Talk to the Instructor or Department Head as indicated and ask for permission. They must sign this form for an override to be applied.
3. Return the completed form to the Engineering General Office.
4. Go to “Check your registration status” regularly to see if the permission has been granted.
5. If the permission is received, you may add the course yourself online.

Example Restrictions and Errors

Please see the Registration Guide to help you register for classes.

Common registration errors and how to resolve them:

Error Message... What it means...
Closed Section

The course is full. Please register on the waitlist (classes only).
If a lab section is full, please fill in the registration permit override and bring to the Faculty office.
The Engineering staff will see if more room can be added.

College Restriction Course is not available to students outside of the faculty offering this course.
Link Error You have not selected the correct corresponding lab section.
Certain courses require that you register in both a specified class, lab and seminar.
Time Conflict Course times conflict. Try registering in a different section.
If you can't find the conflict, it may be the finals conflicting.
Prerequisite required You do not have the prerequisite for the course.
You can apply for a Prerequisite Waiver.
If you believe you have the prerequisite, contact the Engineering Office for registration help.
Campus Restriction The course is restricted to students in a federated college.
Duplicate CRN The CRN has been entered already.
Program Restriction

Course is not available to students in your degree program.
Please contact the faculty, if you believe this is an error.

Maximum Hours Exceeded You have tried to register in more credit hours than your program allows.