Regina Engineering Students' Society (RESS)

The Regina Engineering Students' Society (RESS) is the body of undergraduate engineering students elected by students registered in Engineering and Applied Science to represent them in student governance and other matters.

The RESS provides services such as arranging tutorials for difficult classes, hosting extra-curricular activities, and representing the Engineering student body on the University of Regina Students' Union, on various faculty and university committees, and in discussions with the faculty administration on academic matters.

Visit the RESS homepage at for information on RESS services and events.

All students registered in Engineering are members of RESS. The RESS membership of $20/semester is included in student tuition fees. Membership fees are used to run events and tutorials and to maintain the RESS lounge.

The Regina Engineering Students' Society is located in ED 127 in the RESS lounge. All Engineering students have the right to access and utilize the RESS lounge.