New Course information for Fall 2018

New students entering the engineering program for Fall 2018 will take ENGG 140 (replaces PHYS 109) in Term 1 (Fall 2018) and PHYS 119 in TERM 2 (Winter 2019). Continuing students who began the engineering program in Fall 2017, and are entering TERM 3 in Fall 2018, will take ENGG 240.
New students entering the program in Winter 2018, or those not following the engineering schedule as indicated in the UR 2017/18 calendar, should arrange an advising appointment to ensure proper course selection.

ENGG 140
Introduction to engineering mechanics including: force vectors , statics of particles and rigid bodies, centroids, mass centres, construction of free-body diagrams, analysis of structure, internal loads of structures and cables, distributed forces, moments of intertia and friction. *** Corequisites: MATH 110 ***
New elective for PSE
ENPE 448
Review petroleum reservoir geology, geological depositional environments, petrophysical and geostatistical analysis, and reserves estimation based on static and dynamic reservoir information. Emphasis on data analysis and integration for a model suitable for reservoir simulation.
**Corequisite: ENPE440***
New elective for SSE
In this course students will explore topics in designing systems for computer supported collaborative work (CSCW). A major component of the course will be a group project focused on the design, development, and evaluation of an open source, industry-focused software product in support of facilitating real-world solutions for CSCW.
***Prerequisite: ENSE 470***

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