Winter 2019 PSE electives

ENPE 491
This course will cover global climate change impacts, sources of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the benefits and applications of carbon capture technologies for the petroleum industry, sequestration in oil and gas reservoirs and deep saline aquifers. Additionally, CCS policies and regulatory development will be explored. ***Prerequisite: ENPE300 and ENIN355***


ENPE 492
In this course students will become familiar with the basic principles of petroleum refinary operations. Composition of crude oils, related laboratory tests and refinery feedstocks and products will be discussed. Evaluation of crude oil properties and design of distillation columns, furnace, thermal and catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, isomerization, alkylation and polymerization will be introduced. ***Pre-req. (ENIN-355)***


ENPE 340
Stress and strain tensors, Rock elasticity, Mechanical properties of rocks, Effective stress concept, Anisotropy, Time-dependent effects, Constitutive modeling of rocks, Failure mechanics, Rock properties from laboratory experiments, Rock properties from field data
***Prerequisite: ENGG 240, ENPE 300***

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