Program Sheets

Please refer to the most current program sheets. These may be different than the program sheets that you began your studies on. If you have any questions about what classes to take, please contact an academic advisor. Advising appointments should happen regularly, we are here to meet with you!

If you are in your first term, please make an appointment with an academic advisor, and a follow up appointment at least once per year after.

The chart on the left side of the program sheet is for those following the Co-op route. If you are not in Co-op, or are planning for Internship, you should follow the course sequencing outlined on the right side. Each course is listed, with the pre-requisite beside it. Most classes are only offered in the term that you see them listed. Ex) ENEL 280 is a Fall class, and may not be offered in any other term. ENEL 361 is only offered in the Spring/Summer term.

Note - these program sheets are subject to change.

Electronic Systems Engineering

Environmental Systems Engineering

Industrial Systems Engineering

Energy Systems Engineering:
Energy Transport and Storage
Petroleum Option
Sustainable Energy

Software Systems Engineering