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CSIP Research Forum: Improving Policy Adoption and Implementation through the Communication of Policy Pathways

Presented by:
Dr. Cheryl Camillo (PhD), JSGS Assistant Professor and MHA Program Director

Much public policy inquiry asks, "Why aren't promising policy alternatives adopted?" and "Why aren't adopted policies successfully implemented?" Common explanations for policy failures include political considerations and interference, poor technical design, insufficient resources to implement, and lack of interagency or intergovernmental coordination. Sometimes good technical solutions fail because of lack of buy-in from the public and/or stakeholders, even when resources are available to implement the solutions. Arguably, skepticism toward policy proposals is growing as anger towards policy elites is being fanned and the fear of fake news flourishes. Dr. Camillo's talk, drawn from a forthcoming paper, argues that policy proponents could improve the prospects of buy-in, as well as implementation effectiveness, by employing innovative communication strategies, such as audience specific policy pathways modeled after the care pathways increasingly used in health care settings.

About CSIP: The Centre for the Study of Science and Innovation Policy (CSIP) invites all students, faculty, researchers, and citizens interested in the study of science, technology and innovation policy to participate in a bi-weekly research forum.

More information:

Date ( Add to your Calendar)
Wednesday, December 4, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

How to Connect
U of R location: CB330, College Avenue Campus

U of S video conference location: Canada Room,
101 Diefenbaker Building

Karen Jaster-Laforge