Fiery musical display and more at Science Rendezvous

By Costa Maragos Posted: May 6, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Fun with fire! Science Rendezvous at the U of R.
Fun with fire! Science Rendezvous at the U of R. Photo Courtesy of Faculty of Science – U of R.

The wonders of science are coming alive at the University of Regina, as the campus is again hosting Science Rendezvous, Saturday, May 9.

Students from K to 12 are invited to experience science - ‘hands-on.’ 

“This year we have more interactive exhibits and science shows than ever,” says Dr. David Gerhard, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science. The Faculty of Science is hosting the event with assistance from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Fine Arts’ Creative Technology Department.
“It’s a fun day for students, having an interactive science experience that is generally unavailable in elementary and high schools,” explains Dr. Stephen Cheng from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Students can experience an amazing array of science fun.  

The Rubens’ tube exhibit is going to be simply amazing. It’s a tube of flames that dances to sound.  And we have the high-altitude balloon project, with photos and video from the edge of space. The jet bike is back, as is ‘walking on water.’ We've got snakes and bats and Lego robots. Truly something for everyone,” says Dr. Gerhard, who gives us a demonstration of the Ruben's tube here.
“Science is not just about learning facts. It's about the critical thinking skills of studying nature and the universe by doing experiments. By exposing students to science and making it fun, we will attract youth to consider a career in science, engineering, nursing and other programs offered at the U of R,” says Dr. Cheng who notes students attending Rendezvous have the opportunity to chat with faculty and grad students. 

Aside from the hands-on activities, the day also features a high school science quiz competition.

Event:       Science Rendezvous 2015
Location:   Research and Innovation Building
Time:         11 a.m. to 3 p.m.